Entry Criteria

  • A largemouth bass legally caught in Texas waters using a hook, pole-and-line method (passive gears such as trotlines, setlines, jug lines, nets, etc. are not legal methods for catching bass and are therefore excluded).
  • Bass is at least 24 inches in length or 8 lbs in total weight (bass must be weighed on a digital scale).
  • For spawning donations, the fish must be alive and in good health in order to be transported to the hatchery. If TPWD makes the decision to not accept the fish for spawning although the fish is alive, the angler will still be eligible for entry into the Program.

Anglers must submit Photo 1 or Photo 2 as described below. Photo 3 is optional, and all three may be submitted.

Photo 1: Rigid measuring board and fish properly measured. The measuring device must be laid flat with the fish laying overtop of it. The entire measuring board, length numbers and the bass (head to tail) must be visible, readable, and without interference. If only length provided, fish is placed in 8+lb category.

Example Photo 1

Photo 2: Digital scale and fish being properly weighed. The entire digital scale, numbers, and bass (head to tail) must be visible, readable, and without interference. Weight data field and photo documentation are required for fish to be placed in 10+lb and 13+lb categories. To be included in the Legacy Class category, certified scales must be used; scale owner’s name and certification date data fields are required.

Example Photo 2

Photo 3: Angler appropriately holding Lunker Bass, 8lbs+. Appropriately means using both hands to hold the bass horizontally, with one hand firmly gripping the bass’s lower jaw and the other hand supporting its belly, just behind the anal fin.

Example Photo 3

To be eligible for program entry without documentation of Photo 1 or 2 requirements above, anglers can submit an entry by satisfying one of the below alternative requirements:

  • URL link to official tournament, newspaper, magazine or website published results. Link must include angler’s name, date and location of the event, and the individual fish’s certified weight (Insert in Angler Comments box).
  • A photo copy of an official tournament weigh-in slip. The photo copy must include angler’s name, date and location of the event, and the individual fish’s weight or length. (Insert in Photo 1 or Photo 2 picture box).
  • A photo copy of an official certificate of the TPWD Angler Recognition Program. The certificate must show the certified weight or official length of the bass, as well as angler’s name and date the fish was caught. Certificate must be dated within the current ShareLunker year. (Insert in Photo 1 or Photo 2 picture box).

All entries will be reviewed before confirming acceptance. If an entry does not satisfy the minimum criteria, photo requirements, weight/length is not clearly readable, the entire fish is not pictured, or the entry appears questionable in terms of fish size, date caught, location caught, or catch method TPWD may deny the entry.

Genetic Sample

Please complete the following procedures in order to provide fish scale samples for Genetic Analysis.

  1. Remove or obtain 3 scales from the fish using a clean tool (e.g., fingernail, forceps, etc.) or from a clean surface (e.g., net, measuring board, etc.). Rinse (lake water is fine) and/or wipe down (alcohol wipes) the tools or surface between fish to prevent cross contamination (avoid any visible mucus or tissue from previous fish).
  2. Press the scales between sections of clean paper towel (or other absorbent surface) to thoroughly dry (discard these paper towel sections – do not re-use or use for storage).
  3. Place the dried scales between a new/clean section of paper towel and drop into a small envelope (e.g., coin envelope) (try to prevent clumping of the scales to allow for further air drying). Do not store in plastic bags.
  4. Write your name and your submission number (from the app) on the envelope.
  5. Store the envelope in dry conditions to prevent degradation and/or fungal growth (e.g., room temperature in an air conditioned room).
  6. Place in business/mailing envelope and send to:

Attn: Genetics Lab

505 Staples Rd.

San Marcos, TX 78666